computer reparatur Marbella Spanien

Ihr Servicetechniker vor Ort in Marbella, Puerto Banus


Falls Ihre Firma Kunden in der Region Marbella / Malaga hat und sie schnell und günstig einen qualifizierten Techniker vor Ort brauchen kann  ich Ihnen meine Dienstleistung anbieten.

  • Diplom Ingenieur Informatik, Nachrichtentechnik,
  • deutsch englisch spanisch fließend
  • kurzfristige Termine auch außerhalb refgulärer Arbeitszeit
  • allgemeine Elektrotechnik, Netzwerke, Fehlerbeseitigung, Montagen
  • Alter ca 50 Jahre, davon 30 Jahre im Service, bzw. Serviceleiter IT Bereich, Kundendienst,
    Beratung und After Sales Service
  • übersichtliche und nachvollziehbare, kalkulierbare Kostensituation

Berufserfahrung mit

  • Windows PCs, Laserdrucker, Kopierer
  • Apple, iphone iPad iMac
  • Android Linux DOS!
  • Haustechnik, Domotica, Alarmsysteme
  • Videoüberwachung analog und digital
  • Netzwerk, IP Cameras, Wlan, Wifi, Router
  • Starkstrom, Hydraulik, Antriebe
  • Dentaltechnik (EMDA, Siemens)
  • Labortechnik, Pneumatik, Laser
  • Kreditkartenterminals & Kassensysteme

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Jazztel ADSL 12 MB ab 19,30€ pro Monat


Jazztel ADSL



Jazztel ADSL



O si lo prefieres...

¡Te llamamos GRATIS!

Por modalidades Internet y ADSL:
Precio promocional 30 Megas y 20 Megas: 24,14 €/mes (I.V.A. Incluido -  para siempre con 60 minutos/mes para el 30 megas y 20 Megas y 30 minutos/mes para el 12 Megas, 6 Megas, 3 Megas y 1 Mega, en llamadas de fijo a móvil nacional gratis mientras mantenga el servicio activo.
Llamadas a fijos nacionales GRATIS.
Los clientes que soliciten una línea nueva deberán abonar una cuota de alta de 60€ (I.V.A. Incluido).
Gastos de envío 12,04 (I.V.A. Incluido). Cuota por mantenimiento de línea 18,14€ (I.V.A. Incluido).

Internet Notdienst 6O-96-2OO-96


Internet Notdienst 6O-96-2OO-96
Internet Notdienst 6O-96-2OO-96
Internet Notdienst 6O-96-2OO-96
Internet Notdienst 6O-96-2OO-96

von 9-21:oo Uhr erhalte ich Anrufe auf meiner Nummer 6O.962.OO.96 von Hilfe suchenden Kunden wo plötzlich die Internetverbindung nicht mehr funktioniert. Was tun? Oft bin ich in 30 min. vor Ort und beseitige das Problem für gerade mal 39 Euro, Details:

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Microsofts Rückzug, Windows 8.1 wieder mit Maus bedienbar


Nach der Pleite mit Windows 8.0 welches die Benutzer nur gezwungenermassen  nehemn wollten rudert Microsoft nun zurück. Marktanalysen belegen, das Windows Benutzer welche Microsoft zwingen möchte die Kacheloberfläche zu benutzen stattdessen keinen PC sondern

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bring your computer back into shape


A messy computer is not only slow but also involves security risks. We help you to bring your computer back into shape.

My service includes  

  • cleaning software and hardware, (removing dust and dirt in both cases)
  • make a full backup,
  • replacing the hard disk with a fast one, preferably a SSD
  • tune your old computer so it runs as fast or even faster than a new Windows 8 machine

A littering the hard drive is cluttered and slow - and it can also be a huge security risk. This is especially true for installed software that you - if at all - only very rarely use. For example, once installed, demo versions or games you have already played through and no longer touch. For software, you do not actively use has often not represent the latest updates and patches, and so can an open door for viruses and other malware.

Download gallery: How to make your PC running like new

Jetzt kostenlos den PC-Welt Themen Newsletter erhalten!

Just as you remove expired food from the refrigerator so (hopefully) regular basis, you should also rid your PC of unnecessary and unused programs regularly. It also never hurts to weed out old files that you never need it again anyway. We have some tips for you compiled as of spring cleaning is best dealt with on a PC.

Unused Programs

If you use Windows, open the Control Panel and go to the "Programs". Here you will appear on your PC a list of all installed programs. To uninstall, simply select a program from the list by mouse click and click above on "Uninstall". If you "only" about to clear a bit of disk space, you should focus on the software that takes up the most space. Otherwise uninstall from there everything what you no longer need.

However, this built-in Windows tool is not the best solution for deletion. Sometimes the uninstall process leaves behind but traces and elements of the deleted program on the hard disk. For a more thorough cleaning of your PC, you should rely on third-party software - such as the Revo Uninstaller. It scans your system looking for remnants left behind by the standard uninstaller: orphaned Windows services, file-associations, Shell Extensions and other components. If Revo find it, it clears completely. A free, stripped down version of the software is available for the most thorough and cleanest cleaning, however, require the Revo Uninstaller Pro for just under 30 euros.

Tidy: tools for the PC-plaster

Unnecessary services

Windows services are also programs that do not belong to those who are actively used by you. They run in the background and start and finish mostly automatically. You have numerous core functions of the system running and support other programs going to interact with the operating system in several ways.

Figuring out which service is doing what and whether it is really needed is a real challenge. Because if you remove a service that your system really needs this can have a negative impact on your PC and the other applications that you use. Clean here so only with great caution!

Find all Windows services by typing in the input box on the Start menu, type in (without quotes) "services.msc". There are four services that are really needed by virtually no one and further expose your PC an unnecessary security risk. If you want to connect, for example, a Bluetooth device with your PC, there is also no reason for you to leave the "Bluetooth Support Service" is enabled. If you are not using Remote Desktop, you need the three related services also not ("Remote Desktop Services", "Remote Procedure Call" and "Remote Registry").

To disable a service, right-click on it and select "Properties". In the middle of the "General Properties" you will find a field called "Startup Type". Here, if the startup type is "Automatic" set, change it to "Manual" or "Disabled". Just below you will also find the area "Service status". Make sure that the Currently viewing status to "Completed" is secure. If he does not, stop the service using the button below. Finally, click still OK to save your new settings.

Neglected files

Most people are genuine data-hoarders - they hoard data on your PC, sometimes without even knowing it. Perhaps you too have double and triple copies of music or photos, perhaps of Word documents that you wrote years ago; come to temporary and cached files that may engulf several gigabytes of disk space.


Hard drives are relatively cheap to have and it is not uncommon for PCs today are equipped with one or several terabytes of disk space. So to have a lot of files on his PC seems to be a big problem for now. The PC however relies on unused disk space as an extension of its RAM memory.

If the space on your hard drive is very low, the precipitates on the performance of the PC.


Windows comes with it's own tool to clean up a messy hard drive. Right-click easy in Windows Explorer to the hard drive you want to clean up, and select "Properties". In the "General" tab you will find the image of your hard disk the button "Clean". Click on it so that Windows will scan the hard disk for unused or unnecessary files that you can safely remove. In the list that get displayed, you can still disable files that you prefer to keep as desired. Then a click is enough to "OK" and your hard drive is adjusted automatically.

In the "Tools" tab of the disk properties you also have the option to defragment the hard drive. Over time, files are distributed across your hard drive while Windows reads data at various locations in the disk and writes. This data helps to defragment Windows find needed files faster and more efficient. The same time also reduces the movement of the movable Festlpattenkomponenten and brings the traditional HDD so maybe a longer life.

Disk clean up: More space thanks to TuneUp Utilities

A more radical approach is available with third-party tools, such as Disk Space Fan Even if you have already used the in-house Windows tool, Disk Space Fan will track additional files that probably do not need you or your system. Disk Space Fan also identifies duplicate files and provides an easy way to eliminate the unnecessary data clusters.

No matter if you are only 100 megabytes or 3 terabytes of storage available: There is no reason to bury itself and the PC under garbage. So take the most regularly a little time to clean up your PC - so that you can optimize its performance and are also better protected against attacks.

Warum Apple Ipad & Co. nicht drucken wollen!



Warum ist es so schwierig mit Apple & Co zu drucken?

eMailen, rumsurfen,  Fotos zeigen – moderne Smartphones wie das Galaxy von Samsung und Tabletts wie das iPad von Apple bieten für ca 700€ 

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